Prayer for Help in Selling My house and Being Near My Daughter

by Paulette

St Joseph, I am asking you to help me with the sell of my home. Please make it happen quickly so that I may be able to feel relief and get my life back. I want to be able to move closer to my daughter and her family and I also want to be out from under all of the debt that has me so burdened. My life is stagnant and I feel like I am drowning! Please dear St Joseph, hear my prayer and help me.


Since my husbands death, it has been so very hard for me. I miss him terribly. It has been over 9 years and I miss him so much. Then this summer with the sudden death of SweetiePie and me having to put SmokeyJo down--I am just so unhappy! I cannot shake it.

Please bring a buyer who will be able to purchase my home. One who is able to make the sale quickly and make it go smoothly.
I hope someone buys the home who loves it as much as I do.
Please St Joseph, hear my prayer.

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