Prayer for Help to Move On from Previous Relationship

by KJ
(Atlanta ga)

Father God in heaven I come to you today to say thanks for all that you do for me.. God I come to you today and ask for clarity , health , happiness, forgiveness of my Sins and for liven a ungodly life... Lord I ask you to pour the bleed of Jesus over my life my body my relationship my family my friends and over your whole world.


Lord I come to I
You today with a broken heart and a broken life Lord I'm 35 years old with no kids.. I choose a lifestyle that Will love me and never thought about who's going to love me when it's all said and done... Lord when you call me home I will not have no one here to say I was here and to make me happy....

Lord I'm trying to change my ways and I need u to show me how... Plz show me how to love a man and plz let him see me for me and not the fact that I not been with one in years.. Lord I ask you in the name of Jesus to come give me insight on my life as I sleep tonight... Love watch over my family as they sleep tonight watch on all the one who wrong me and trying to wrong me..

Lord I love u and all the things I have done for me.. Them drugs... Thanks for keep me away from them.. This apartment... Thanks for it.. This car I have. Thanks for it.... This food I eat.... Thanks for it... These jobs I got.... Thank for them... This life I wake up to every morning and I can see, hear, talk, walk, smell, and my heart is beating the way it need to be... THANKS GOD... AMEN

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