Prayer for help with new job


Please pray for me. God has blessed me with a job shortly after being laid off, but I am afraid. I worked at my former job for 22 years and now suddenly everything is new and unfamiliar. I don't know anyone and I can't quite figure out if my boss likes me or not.


I've been there less than a week, but it's a very different environment than what I'm used to. Please pray that God will help me overcome this fear I have of the unknown and help me to do a good job. I'm very depressed about this situation.

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May you have Peace
by: Anonymous

I was at mine for 9 years. My new job pays 3.00 less an hour and the work environment is stressful in a totally different way.
I am praying and have begun looking elsewhere ...its been three weeks. I needed to get back to work immediately, so I jumped into this and could not be picky.
I feel exhausted...but, I can't stay here.
I pray that your job either starts feeling more comfortable, or you and I both find new opportunity.
What is sad is that, probably like you, I had company loyalty.,That is gone for me now.
22 years is a very long stay. My friend lost hers after 14. Those days when companies cared are over. It is sad, but God will guide and care for us.

Your not alone
by: Anonymous

Im on the same boat. God will guide us to feel secure again in our new jobs.

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