prayer for help.

by james

Please help me great lord/god you know of my sin, being to honest and open. man made my sin a sin, in your eyes i dont believe that it was, my life has been ruined, other people got me involved and then rejected me, confussed me and then attacked me. i believe you might have allowed me to see some things but why? if it wasn't to be. im consantly being harrassed by demons. im 29 and have a lot of life left to live but because of whats happened im up a gum tree. please my lord my god and king. please can you reverse what the demons have done... please. i call them demons loosely. i cant sleep no more so i cant work. i believe you might know my ancestors and past im 100% sure that they helped you greatly built you a church to prise and worship you, please thy great god please please please heal me.

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