Prayer for hope and health

by carolita

Lord God thank you for your blessings and thank you for my faith that I have in you. Please keep me well and not sick from this dreaded Cancer. Dear God please give me financial hope for my future as I start a new journey in my life and please watch over me and my family. I know you are with me.


I know this is all your plan and I love knowing you are with me. Times can only get better for me and my family. I feel your warmth and I am starting to see a light ahead because there have been times when I never thought I would see a light but God I really know you are with me. I love feeling this way even though I have been diagnosed with an incurable Cancer. Please don't let me get sick yet. please continue to give me strength as I follow your will and God please forgive me as I mess up along the way.

I mean no harm but sometimes I just want a little time out from the real world. I am sorry if I am hurting you. I just enjoy my little time out. Please continue to bless me with all your love!!

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