Prayer for hope and relief during this difficult time.

Lord, I know I havn't been keeping in touch lately. I know this because I have been going through some troublesome times. Thank you again for saving my life twice during the deadly car accident I was involved in. Thank you for having poppop and the other angels watch over me that night.


Although I may never understand why it happend. All I can do is believe that it was for a reason and for myself to start a new chapter in my life with D.

Right now I am getting ready to go back to work and am praying that everything goes well for me. I am praying that when I get back that I don't get thrown to the curb and told to pack up after my contract is over and leave. I am praying that things go back to the way they were and that when I do get out, that I will have the job I love, the job that i would be great at, the job that pays well enough that i can support myself and D.

Right now I feel like I am at a fork in the road and am waiting to here my fate. I ask for you help lord, so that I may protect the others I love and provide the income we need to survive. I am at your mercy and believe in you. Amen

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