Prayer for hope everything turn to blessings

by JJL

Dear Lord I'm so dipressed and over worried now regarding of our situation my housing is 5 months delayed already and I fear what's gonna happen with me and my children..I'm struggle also the enrollment of my children now I'm almost crashed when I thinking that I don't have money to sustain our needs..God Jesus Christ please touch the Heart Of Masahito bring him back to me I need him so much specially in financial aspect he's only one can afford to sustain us specially in housing amortization and tuition of my child..Lord I hope you give me a chance to take good care of your grace and blessing that I didn't realized I realised how great the grace you've given but I didn't spend it as good please forgive me God for That attitude and now Im so miserable I don't know what to do I don't know how or where I get the amount I have to pay my debts..God Please help me I need Your urgent financial assistance please don't leave me now God I need you so much I'm tired for crying everyday to imagine our situation now Please help us God..AMEN

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