Prayer for Hope For This Week

Dear Lord,


I am entering a long and busy week. I pray for hope that it won't be so bad. It will be busy and crazy acting, but, at least, I won't be having to deal with the stuff I did last month.

I pray, each day I find no bad news coming my way. I still feel enough time has not passed, yet. I will feel better each week that passes without any repercussions. I do not look for problems, it seems to find me. Others seem to create havoc, but, I try to avoid them and say very little to them. I just want to be left alone if that is all they want to do.

I just want to make it to my retirement and leave and be bored if that is the only happiness I can have. Better to be bored than scared or worried sick about something. I have found happiness is only a luxury I sometimes cannot afford.

I just want peace and happiness is all. But, peace will be alright with me if that is all there is for me, Lord. I don't ask for much from you Lord. Just to avoid problems someone else has caused me. I have learned to not trust anyone at all. I have found that to be the only way to live, Lord.

There have been some so called Christains who I could not trust. I know if they were truly Christains, I would be able to. I trust in you Lord to guide me and to lead me to better things in life. For all this I pray in your name. AMEN

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