Prayer for Housing and Marriage

Dear joseph i firmly believe in ask and you shall recieve even if it may take some timing. All i want is my husband, his happiness and for us to be more understanding; for a way to keep him happy. I want his love, his protection and undying hope.


I want us to always be ok, together and comfortable with each other. All i want is him and to make things right for him, for he is my housing. Right now i am renting and not quite comfortable with the situation. I want to be able to own my own home with him and for him. To love and cherish our days in it; and be happy.

I want us to accomplish that. Have it be soon, help me save as much as i can, and help me find it in the right place for us, at a perfect time, in good or more, great condition to be able to finish our lives in perfect comfort and joy. I love him and this is all i want for us always; and a child included in future if possible.

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