Prayer for husband and baby fathered with the other woman

by Stephanie

Dear Heavenly father I come to you broken. I pray that you You would take my marriage and restore it. You know know how my heart breaks when I think about the affair and all of the lies that were told to me for years. While my heart is broken from the affair I am trying find peace with the precious baby girl resulting from the indiscretion.


She is innocent in the whole situation. I want nothing more than for You to make beauty from these ashes and restore my marriage...make it better than it ever was. I pray that I would be able to forgive my husband and trust him again someday. I pray that I would be able to accept this beautiful child as my own and love her with a genuine heart. I do not want to look on her with hurt or sadness. I pray that You would send someone to love her Mom the way she deserves.

I pray that I would be a witness to others of Your forgiveness.

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