Prayer for Husband who had heart attack

by Jeanne

My Husband(David) had a heart attack (while hunting)and didn't tell me(Jeanne) for two weeks and now has sworn me to secrecy to not share with anyone(4 adult kids and 3 grand kids and one more on the way). Help!


He has gone to the doctor and has gotten two stress tests done. But he isn't even admitting that he had a heart attack(which he thoroughly described to me as having one).He is in denial of the danger he is in, and all of "our" his loved ones feelings in this situation. He doesn't want anyone to treat him any differently- he say's.

He is continuing to eat unhealthy and doing heavy lifting and going hunting alone, etc.. He is going on a hunting trip with others this coming week and no one knows about what happened. Help!I don't know what to do.

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Prayer for usband who had heart attack
by: Anonymous

I can understand why you're so worried. I'll pray for you and your husband. I'll pray for God's intervention. I pray that David will come to realize that in not taking care of himself, he may be neglecting his family's welfare.
Father God I pray that David will address hiw own health needs...and seek appropriate follow-up to this condition ...that he will do it not only for himself but because he loves his family. I pray in Jesus' name. Amen
Jeanne, keep talking to him. He should do the right thing.

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