Prayer for increase sales and to clear off all debts.

by Jimmy

Recently my business partner and I have started a restaurant. Things were quite ok until recently business hasn't been promising. The restaurant is 3 months old but we are very concern about the sales. We have tons of expenses to be settled. Rental itself is a huge amount and on top of that salaries to be paid for.


We hope that there is financial breakthrough for us. We wish that sales would increase in leaps and bounds and our debts could be settled quickly.

Lord is our savior and I surrender to him. Jesus sacrifice himself to redeem our sins. I hereby sincerely ask for redemption and ask for forgiveness for any sins that I committed. I trust that the Lord can hear me and my woes.

Please God, deliver me and my business partner out of this financial adversity. Give us in abundance so that we can be a blessing to others. Please allow money to flow smoothly into the business and let every person that pass by our shop would hunger for our food. In the name of Jesus !! Amen

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by: TAMPA fl

I am sitting in church praying for you
Self employment is difficult
Perseverance is essential
But you need faith
Keep getting up each day
The Lord will guide you
Sometimes one fails in order to
Succeed History is full of successful
People who have previously failed
By God had to be your center

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