Prayer for job and apartment

by Jacqueline
(Brooklyn, New York )

I have been laid off now for one year, and I would like to have a job in Daycare/Babysitting, or as a Home Health Aide. The former is my first choice. Also I have to move from my apartment in a few months, because the landlady died and I was told by a family member that the house will be up for sale by the summer time. I cannot get an apt. without a job, as I have to show proof of income, and unemployment will not be enough.

Thank you very much.

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A new start
by: Anonymous

Keep me in prayers after a 10 year breakup it's been a grieving
I'm now going to start a new chapter in my life and going to try to make it on my own for the first time. I am a 36 year old woman with no kids, who took her time to realize that in life nothing is for sure. So now it's my time never to late to move forward.
God will guide me and deliver me from any harm and negativity.

Need a Pray
by: Anonymous

I praying that my paperwork gets approved for this apartment

by: Anonymous

Hi im a single full time dad. Im raising my 13 yr old daughter on my own and we live in a family shelter. Please pray for us to finally get a home to call our own.

Thank you, god bless

prayer for an apartment
by: Anonymous

I currently live in a bad neighborhood, and need to move. Please pray that all goes well with the paperwork for my new apartment.

Thanks, God Bless

by: Anonymous

bless this apartment i live in all we hear is someone walking around

Pray to help me get the Studio
by: Eli

I am relocating to a new place by myself, I took care of mom and grandma since 2007, unfortunatelly I lost them and now they are in heaven with god, so its time to star my life again. There is this cute studio I would like to get, the people still interviewing but I eould live for them to pick me. Please pary that I get it. This apt its located in M.L. H N.Y
Thank You

Prayer for move to affordable in New York
by: Anonymous

I am relocating back to New York and would like to look for an affordable housing for my daughter and myself. That God will choose the right one for us. Also, that I get the right job when I relocate. In Jesus Name

How to cast away tenant who are always distubing you in your apartment building?
by: Anonymous

I live a house which has 3 apartment. I am on the third floor and I love to teach online. I have working online for two and a half years online and I like my job, but every time I go to bed after 1 or 2 AM, my neighbor downstairs who is an African American girl and very much in her own way of doing thing and haveing her own pride tries to interup my sleep right after I fall sleep. She does this on purpose, because she doesn't like Math teachers and I teach Math. In fact I have been a Math professor for years. I called her a few times and left a message, but she called the police on me 3 times. I am thinking if this girl moves to the Apartment 1, it will be perfect for both of us at least until the land lordrent her Apartment. Or may be if she moves out of this house, the whole world will smile at me. Is there a prayer for this to happen?
Can I pray to cast someone out of my life? Is there a prayer for such a thing to happen? Oh how I wish this person move to another apartment Buliding. Where I am is perfect for what I do, but without this nosy, interfacing young African American girl who is always home and every time she hears my step she makes some remark that goes deep into my bones. I am 66 years old and she has made me cry in my bed so many times in the last 8 months. Please help me Jesus, I need to be saved from this girl.

Online Math Faculty

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