Prayer for kidney disease

by Mary

dear God,

thank you for giving me a wonderful mother whose always there to support me.Recently, she was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney failure, i know this is very hard for my mom to accept the fact and this is difficult for me too..

Please help my mom's healing..i belief you can do miracles, please make it easy for my mom to accept and ease her pain, make her out from depression that can be contribute to her illness, make her happy that she can continue live positive and strong. God, give me strength and guide me for all the things that i can do to support and to take care of my mom.I pray that she can live longer with my family.

I know you have all the plan for us and we surrender it all to you..God the Father please Bless Jesus name..AMEN

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Mar 28, 2015
polycistic kidney patient and scare to death need prayer
by: Avram

47 yrs young male with 3 little kids found out about my polycystic kidney disease 10 yrs ago when I lost mom ( due to kidney failure) after years on dyalisis I have seen all the suffering one can endure on dr recently told me that I have to think about dyalisis I said I rather creatine levels were 2,1 now is 3.3 please take time and pray for a MIRACLE so that my creatine levels are starting to come down I do not want to end up on dyalisis for HUMANITY SAKE AND MY 3 KIDS please I beg you pray for a miracle and may the good G-d reward you efforts a thousand more forever thankful
avram in new jersey

Aug 24, 2013
kidny disease
by: janie williams

Pray for my kidney disease

Sep 02, 2011
same here
by: Anonymous

metabolism of any fruits in hungry time.fruits only do perfectness in cells and blood within 48hours.daily you should eat only fruits untill chronic diseases will be our world no medicines can cure any diseases.weekly once full day fasting in another support to cure that time we give rest to our body and it will cure itself(cells replacement). it is true. in our cells have very powerfull to fight against any diseases.
this is my own experience.i m in kidney diseases stage 4/ medicine no dialysis or transplantation. i beleive in god and his creation (fruits)

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