Prayer for knowing God's will for employment

Lord, a place of work is not only a way to make money, but a way to be of service, meet those who do not know you and to fulfill our God-given purpose. Jesus, it has been so long that work has been meaningful and purposeful for me. I know you have a calling on my life. I have been obedient and am hard-working.


I am unemployed and lack due to no fault of my own. I am relying on you 100%. I am feeling lost, unfulfilled, sad and unsure of myself and the path I am on. What will you teach me here Lord? I am ready, willing and able to work hard again. I am looking for your will to be fulfilled in me, so that it may be a witness to others.

I am believing you for gainful employment but also a place to shine, be appreciated and be of great service to the kingdom of God.

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