Prayer for looking for a job

by Lucy
(Douglas, AZ)

I have been without a job since May, 2015, its going to be one year this may. I have been going thru a lot of interviews and have no luck and feel so desperately. I had to move back to my parents house and have car payments and other debts, which they ate helping me with which I am very fortunately to have them as parents, but I don't like that, and they give me encourage which they tell me.


I have been working all my life and suddenly this happened to me and sometimes its so hard and get into depression and ansiexty. My parents ate old and I love them and I don't want this burden on them. I thank God for having my parents. I have been praying to St Jude, for long time and he has answered my prayers in the past and now, I pray to get a job as soon as possible. Thank you, my St Jude.

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