Prayer for Love and Partner

by Oma
(Karachi Pakistan)

Dear Lord Jesus,

Please grant me my partner and love that i have been longing for so long... i want someone to love me so much for what i am.. and i love him equally. If it is Your will..I want to be married and to have my kids.. i also want to be a daughter-in-law, a mother and want love and happiness in my life..

I have been waiting for more than 15 years now Lord... please have mercy on me Lord Jesus.. I beg You to have mercy and let Your ears be close to my prayers.I also want to feel love in life, Love of a partner who will understand, care and love me unconditionally.. a partner who will be there for me, hear my fears and be my support..

Let this servant also see a relationship that is made in Heaven... a relationship that You have made for everyone.. as life that you have promised to every girl.. I am also Your child Heavenly Father.. Please hear me.. please.

I thank you for all the blessings you have given in my life an dnow I ask for this... Nothing is impossible Lord for You... Please please please....Your lonely and sad child!!

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