Prayer for love lost .

by kaelan

Lord, i pray that you give me the strength to continue everyday loving him past all of our differences.

I pray that his disorder only brings us closer together and he stops trying to push me away.
I pray I am in his heart and mind as he is in mine.
I pray for the patience to continue with this situation, even though it may seem to be going nowhere.
I pray that i never second guess how he truly feels and i stop allowing other negative influences to make me think otherwise.
I pray that you watch over him Lord and protect him.
I pray for progress, that we can move out of this complacent zone and into something more permanent.
I pray for commitment and honesty on both our parts.

Lord most of all i thank you for this blessing in disguise. He was extremely unexpected and nothing i wanted yet everything i could possibly need. Everyday of the last 2 months have been hard Lord and we need the guidance and patience to continue working on each other. He has become a part of me that i never knew i had, and through these hard times it's made me realize how much i don't want to be without him. Even with our tempers flaring i know there's no place i rather be.

Lord please continue to watch over us, guide us, and bring us closer together each day eventually working toward a relationship again.

In your name i pray. Amen.

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by: Anonymous

That was a beautiful prayer, very loving, you have a beautiful heart for not just praying about yourself, but also for him as well. I hope that as time moves on that the both of you will encourage each other and help uplift on another. Hope you will gain the relationship you both are looking for.

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