Prayer for Love & Peace with Family

by Kimberly

Lord help me heal my relationship with my ex. I truely believe we are soul mates, and would like a second chance at love. I want our relationship to be stronger than it was, and have 100% faith & support in one another.


If he isnt the one for me, help me be strong & overcome this obstacle, & continue to have faith in you. Help my family stay strong and together, after the recent passing of my mother.

Lord, please help our house sell, and that I obtain my drivers license and be able to get on my feet, so I can financially support myself and my younger brother. I feel like alot of things lately in my life have been uncertain, and difficult, and hard, but I trust in you lord 100% and know that everything is for a reason. Please give me the strength to continue my journey in being strong despite everything, and bring love, joy, & happiness to my family once again, please protect them, guide them, and keep us together. In jesus name i pray. Amen.

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