Prayer for Loving God Enough to Trust Him

by Chris

Dear heavenly father, I come to you humbly asking for your help. You know my heart and that I have loved my wife beyond all earthly things. We are going through very difficult times as you know and she has filed for divorce. I love her today as much as I ever have. I have not been the best husband to her and I have made many mistakes in my marriage. I have confessed all my sins to you and to her and I have asked for both you and my wife to forgive me. I want our marriage to be strong and better than ever. I want our 3 beautiful children to grow up in a strong Christian family. Please help me restore the love Jennifer once had for me. Help her heal from the pain I have caused her and soften her heart toward me so love can grow again. I have faith that if it is your will you can and will restore our marriage and love for each other. I will continue to have faith and believe you will. I thank you for the time you have given Jennifer and I together and for our 3 wonderful girls. I thank you for my life and dieing for my sins. I do not deserve your grace, but know you give it anyway. Amen

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