prayer for marital bliss and gift of children

by Jehan

O Blessed St. Jude, may I please heed your help. I fervently pray for your loving presence,love and peace in our marriage. But most of all I am desperately seeking your help and intercession to please bless me and my husband with children in our marriage. We've been praying and trying so hard to bear children. I am still very hopeful even if I have a problem with my tubes. There's nothing impossible with God. I know you're the patron saint for desperate cases and I am so desprately in need of your intercession O blessed St. Jude.I am 38 years old already and considered high risk. I lift it all up to you all my worries and this big desperate request.

And in turn I will be forever grateful for the rest of my life and promise to raise them as your own. This I pray through Jesus Christ our Lord with the Blessed mother's intercession. AMEN.

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