Prayer For Marriage Restoration

My wife and have been involved in endless fights for the last several months. She has asked for divorce and after a long log time reading the bible, talking and listening to what God demands of us, she said she wanted to be with me. Nonetheless, the fights don't seem to stop and I feel she is absolutely dettached from me emotionally.


She keeps difting away and keep trying to bring her back. I have asked to Lord for restoration in our marriage. Please support our prayer and ask the Lord to touch her heart. To bring her home emotionally and to fill her heart with love.

Thank you.

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Prayer Answered!
by: Anonymous

I posted this request several months ago and I can say, the Lord is faithful and great! My marriage had some very rough times but with the Lords help and a lot of assistance from out local church, today my wife and I live in a restored marriage.

There are a lot of challenges ahead, but the fights stopped, we are loving to each other and we attend marriage classes at church on a regular basis.

Thank you Lord and thanks to everyone who helped us in prayer. God bless you.

by: Tampa fl

I know marriage is difficult
I have been married 34 yrs please go to church
This Sunday and each Sunday if she does not
Go with you do not press her do not fight
Just go this is very important
I know I have been there
See if the church has a Marriage retreat in the
Near future my prayers are with both of you

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