Prayer for me to be hired permanently

by Joan

Heavenly Father and Jesus, please let me be hired to the job at which I now work in a temporary assignment within the next week or two. I love this job and enjoy my time here - I quit another job because I felt I needed to be here. Father and Jesus, please don't fail me.


You also know my other reason - my living condition is deplorable. I hate living where I live, even though I am grateful to have a place to sleep, bathe, wash clothes, etc., but the woman, who professes to be Christian, is a cheat and a fake.

If I am finally hired permanently, I can afford my own apartment, where I can cook my own meals and not have to spend so much money on food. You know that woman lied when she said that I could use the kitchen to cook my meals. She never once let me alone when I did.

Father, I know that You want better things for me. I've been waiting such a long time and have not had a permanent job for almost two and a half years. Please Father! You said that whatever we ask of You in Jesus' Name, You will grant us.

I know I am unworthy and that I am frustrated and angry most of the time. Please forgive me that and help me with what I ask. Thank you, Heavenly Father and Dear Lord, Jesus!

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