Prayer for medical school tuition

by Katelyn

Pleae help me to obtain the finances I need, in order to make my dreams come true. Medical School is expensive and it has always been my dream to become a doctor. Please help me to obtain finances to help my family, so that I am no longer a burden to them, to help me pay off debts and debts of my loved ones. Also please allow me the finances to help others and make my wildest dreams come true. I truly need a miracle. I am 23 and all I worry about is money, how will I make it this week, will I be okay with gas to get to my 3 jobs? I am also a full time graduate student and as you can imagine I am exhausted. I need to the win the lottery or something because I am so worn out and ready to give in and call it quits but I know that is not what the Lord has in store for me. Please grant my wishes that I so desperately need so that I can enjoy life the way that Jesus and God intended. Thank you.

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Struggling with tuition as well
by: Kendra

You're are in my prayers Katelyn, I'm a third undergrad at a private university,I know the struggles too.But trust me our Lord will intervene.Just hold on and don't give up,HE will allow you to become that successful doctor you always dreamt to be.

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