Prayer for mercy from victim and going to jail

by Marc
(CA - USA)

Recently, my wife was attacked while we were on a night out by a group of supposedly new friends. When I saw her being attacked, I reacted without thinking. One of the attackers was hurt by my actions. Now that person is filing charges against me.


I completely regret my actions, because I could have handled the situation differently. I am so SORRY. Please pray for mercy and forgiveness on me from the victim, and the law. I am so scared and worried of going to jail. My faith is getting weary, but I will not let Satan win this battle. Please pray for me to stay strong and faithful to GOD, and that I will get a second chance to mend the relationship with that individual. Please all try to turn from alcohol, not to judge anyone that drinks, but it seems like nothing good comes from it.

Please pray for me to remain out of jail. My wife, family, and I all THANK YOU for your prayers and support. Sincerely - Your Brother & Sister in Christ Jesus

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Jul 22, 2014
My prayers are with you
by: Anonymous

My child is in a situation something almost the same, A good kid no blemishes on her life. I know your pain and sorrow, pray that she too will be released from this mistake, Christ forgive your and jail not be in your life ever. Being around the wrong so called right people and drugs and alcohol not a good mix. Blessings. Have FAITH!

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