Prayer for miracle to come

by Bridgid
(Kuching, Sarawak)

Please help me to pray so that I am free from financial problems. I am a single parent with 2 grown up children. Since divorce...we have been renting at several places and living in difficulties. With my little salary I could hardly make things meet to an end.


Recently the house rent owner tell us to move out as someone has bought the house. Fortunately the low cost house I applied for is ready to move in.But again everything need money in order to install the electricity and water. How to settle the house rent outstanding bill and rental?

Also need to hire transport to move out. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, please pray for me so that i will receive miracle from God. Only miracle that can save me. And i promise to do good to the needy.

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by: Tampa fl

I will pray for you today
The Lord hears you and will provide
Have faith that that The Lord does not give
You a situation that you can not handle
Please go to church every week take your

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