Prayer for miracle

by Chaya

Lord, please help me in getting a new graduate nurse job offer, I have struggled over the years and despite being good at studying, life challenges had stopped me from reaching my goal. Finally after so many years and with your blessing I have been able to finish my studies. Lord, I thank you very much for that.


Lord please help me find a new graduate position. I have had my interviews and have been placed on an eligibility list. I will only get a position if there is any available. At the moment there is none. Lord please make a position available for me in a good hospital not too far from my home. I have struggled a lot financially over the years and I ask for your help so I can earn a living for myself and stand on my own two feet.

I want to do things for my parents who have put their life's savings on our studies. I want to gain respect in my husbands eye and not have to rely on him for money but be able to help him as he has a lot on his shoulders. Please my Lord, I know you wont let me down.

I thank you in advance, I know my prayers will be answered and you will lead me to a great job where I can walk in your footsteps and help others and make a living for myself. Lord, I ask you to bless everyone who is praying for others and answer their prayers as well. In Jesus name Amen.

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