Prayer for Money for my cats medical tests

by Anna

Dear God I pray that a lottery win, or such,can help towards paying for my two cats tests which they need now desperately.I do not have the money for them,just enough,to cover an emergency for them.One cat has ibd and needs an ultrasound.The other cat has beginning of heart trouble,and needs an ekg,because she has an irregular heart beat,she also needs another ultrasound recheck,which is long overdue.Only a miracle can help this financial situation now.The cat with the ibd requires special foods,and that takes up a lot of money within the month,he also gets two medications daily,and that costs 60.00 per month,just for that.I know that God loves his creatures.Please help these cats.They are everything to me!

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Apr 07, 2011
I have a cat too
by: Anonymous

I have a cat too, so I completely understand and completely stand in agreement with your prayers.
Lord, bless this cat, and all pets and their owners. Thank you for owing and caring for all creatures. In Jesus' name, Amen

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