prayer for money to pay all my debts

by Samantha
(Jhb,South Africa)

father god, I love you and worship you. I come before you as your humble and lowly servant with deep respect and regard for your holiness. I bow before you and bless your precious name. forgive my sins lord. hold me in your arms and remind me that you are my father. the only one I know. the only one I have. help me lord I need you. these debts are choking me and I need you to rescue me. please deposit money into my bank account so I can meet my creditors needs. I am a tither. I give my offerings. I help the needy where I can. I am generous. lord, please do not let me be humiliated any further. the devil is a liar. I thank you for listening to me and answering my prayer in Jesus name. it is written that whatsoever I ask for, believing, in the name of jesus it is given unto me. I am expecting a miracle from you lord. you have rescued me many times before. I know that you will do so again this time. thank you father. amen

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