Prayer for mothers happiness and God's mercy

My mom's going through a lot right now she's a single mother, dad cheated on her. I have sickle cell and my brother has schizophrenia . She also met an angry man who began stalking her and ended up planning a scheme that was a lie and put her in jail and tried to ruin her.


Now she's facing even more problems. I just don't understand what more she has to do to recieve God's mercy. I'm asking you guys to please pray for my mom , pray for hope. Thank you so much

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May 21, 2015
Praying for you and your mother
by: Maria

Your post was some time ago but I just stumbled upon it in my search for a prayer of hope. I hope that your mother's life is better and so is yours. I pray that God will continue to care and love you and your family. Don't despair and do not give up hope. Because to give up on hope is to give up on God.

Oct 09, 2014
He will answer your prayer
by: Jackson

Praying right now your mom and for y'all to be encouraged. I'm a single mom of 3 going thru a divorce its not easy and I hav a special needs child. Trust me I know how u must feel. Like everything's happening to your mom and why her she's a good person. But God knows all about and his going to bring her out n keep praising threw it all when she doesn't feel like it and their will be times she doesn't want to smile but do so threw the heartache and pain. It took me time went threw depression,stress, border line stroke felt like I was going to lose my mind after my husband and I agreed to move on. Its still hard for me at times but I have to be strong for my babies. Y'all do the same for your mom she needs all the love and care right now.I prayer she seek you from here on father and prayer for healing within herself and heartache n father help her children guide them n keep them in perfect peace in your name We pray Amen....

Aug 12, 2014
god be with you
by: Diana

have faith my friend,will pray for your strength, do not give up to our god.please help mr to pray for my problem to. tq

Feb 23, 2014
Prayer for you
by: Eleanor

I have come across this website and saw your post. Don't worry love, all of us are facing our own share of struggles. Be strong, be the pillar of strength for your mum. God has his own ways to create miracles. God bless you and your family, have faith. Sending love all the way from Singapore. Amen.

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