Prayer for my boyfriend and I to get married and start our lives together

Prayer for my boyfriend and I to get married and start our lives together. We have been together for 2 years. We continue to live separately as I have always said I would not move in until I was engaged. We have our differences as all couples do, but I ask for you to please pray for faith in each other, unconditional love, and for God to move into our lives like never before to start us on the path of planning out lives together. That all things in the way of marriage be removed so that we can share our lives together, as one, with God, and a future family of our own. In Jesus name, Amen. Thank you and God Bless.

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I pray that my fiance marry me this Xmas after 3long years he is still not sure .
by: christin

I have dated my boyfriend for 3years now and his is not sure of us I pray that he will marry me this Xmas. The word of God says ask and you shall receive , knock and it shall be open up to you, seek and you shall fine.

I pray that my boyfriend and I get money for our wedding.
by: andiswa

I prayed that God should give me a perfect boyfriend, someone who would love and understand me and vice versa. God granted me that wish and what I didn't ask God was to have boyfriend that would have enough money to marry me. We both love each other endlessly but the sadness in our eyes and the unspoken words that we both wish we could have enough money to get married is a heavy burden on our shoulders. We are both God fearing christians and our wish is to get married in order to live the right way as husband and wife but our finances can only

cover our food, transportation and cl
othing.Our biggest wish is for God to grant s money that d suwould cover our wedding finances as our religion only allows us to get married in church with the wholecongregation and both families present.Pl

Praying for comittment
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me, I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years. When we talk about marriage he says "one day". I feel like he should be ready to commit by now. I want to start our lives together and start a family but he is scared for some reason. He says he loves me so much, and I can tell he does, but I'm not sure what's taking him so long. I try to be patient, but it's all I've every wanted. Having a family of my own is my dream.

Prayer for marrying a boy whom I love but the boy is not in love with me
by: AS

Vannakam Ji, I and my mother found a guy for me, for my marriage but there is some problem in our jathagam (rasi and nakshatra) so that guy and his parents rejected me. I love that guy but that guy does not love me. He said that "i will marry you if and only if jathagam (rasi and nakshatra) matches otherwise i will not marry you." I don't know what to do i want to marry that guy only, he should only be my lifepartner, husband, best companion.... I request you to give me the prayer for miracle to happen in my life to marry that guy only in any situation please..... I believe you a lot....

Relationship struggles
by: Anonymous

I ask y'all to pray for my fiancé and I, we have been dating for almost six years and we got engage in feb, 14 of this year we both are working in our relationship, all the sudden three weeks after our engagement he ask me for time, he does not want to brake up but he said that his heart was frozen and that he needed to heal,and that he didn't know why he felt that way all the sudden. I love him very much and I haven't been a patients as i should be but I ask y'all to pray for us so that what ever phase he is going to make us stronger and if it is God will for us to get married to open doors for us. I also ask that y'all for me to give me strength and understanding. I want to be there for him but it hurts me that he does not feel the same way about me. We both want to have a healthy marriage and that why we are trying to fix. I know that fix the broken so please pray for us so we can both have God first and a strong healthy relationship on God eyes. I love him with all my heart and I can wait to be his wife so please pray for us

by: xolani

hi, Zi. marriage is a life long commitment especially in Christianity. will you be able to stay with a person who easily gets angry, how about your children? do you think they would handle having an angry dad

help us to find a way to convert this love into marriage
by: Anonymous

Me and my guy love each other a lot.but his parents accepted initially but now they changed their minds.My boy friend s totally upset we are in a long distance relationship and its a six year old one.he has list hope completely and stopped talking to me asked me not to wait marry whom my parents chooses.but i cant let go of him i trust god and i feel v have been together for a reason.but its just not happening.please pray for me and my guy.i just want god to show me a way so that i can save my love.

by: Shivam

Hi I will pray that you get married and you have a wonderful life together.
please also pray for me..i want to marry with my girlfriend..
and i really loves her..and he also loves me..we both want to marry with each other..please god help us please..

by: Anonymous

please pay for me.i love a man deeply,bt i cannot tell him about that.i need him as my husband. i am sure to make him happy.i need him to tell that he loves me and would like to marry me.pleas pray for..

A prayer for Gods mercy in my relationship with my boyfriend.(Engagement and Marriage).
by: Anonymous

Please pray for my boyfriend and I. We have been together for one year. Before we met I have always been praying for his kind of man and I believe that God brought him my way. I love him very much and I always put God first in our life. Recently I feel like he's drifting away from me. I've felt the same way I felt when we first met for him all the time. Please pray for him to put God first and also that he's love for me will grow stronger and that he will propose to marry me. I love him and will be very glad to see us both worshiping and praising God together. Please pray that God will review himself to him and that he will believe with his whole heart that God loves him more than anyone could ever love him. I've had uncouthness dreams and visions about the both of us and I have the faith and believe that he's the one for me. For a have a strong believe in God that he's going to give him a loving heart and a caring heart to love me and be truthful to me. There's always a struggle when it comes to a good blessing from God almighty, the devil is not happy to see me happy. Please pray that I find favour everywhere I go. So please lift me up in your prayers.
Thank you.
God bless you.

by: Anonymous

please pray for me..i want to marry with my boyfriend..
and i really loves him..and he also loves me..we both want to marry with each other..please god help us please..

I need you NOW Lord!
by: GC

Lord, I come to you as humble as I know how thanking you for all you have done for me. I love you Lord and I am asking that you send MW back to me. That is my baby and I miss him. This breakup has been hard for us. I'm ready to work it out Phase 2. Send him back to me soon and I want us to put you first in our relationship. I also want you to fix his mind about marriage and marrying me as well. Lord I'm asking you to please send my man back to me this year and let us love each other as never before. Thanks in advance

by: Anonymous

Please pray with me and my boyfriend to marry me. He is Venda and am Xhosa. He is so sensitive and easily gets angry. I love him with all of my heart. Your prayer will mean so much to me.

Ziyanda Maqula

Prayer for future relationship stay longer
by: Mrs Janaki Alex Santhana

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for all your blessing upon us' Please bless my relationship with Alex Santhana' to stay longer. Make both of us be respect n love with each n other' Make him to realize my love and the truth that i can't live without him. Please touch my partner Alex heart risen him from all the negative thought in his mind, I seek for your mercy and bless that may you allow us to spend the rest of our life with each n other as a husband and wife,

Every time he will react something different from others' try to avoid me without reason' Love me with all his heart, i cant understand whats going on in our life, but I pass all my prayer to you' Please Father bless our relationship' to stay forever n ever, Make us to remind our first love that grow between us' the true love he share to me'

Until that i will in fasting' I know every thing i do must be watched by you. I know u the only one could understand the pain n hurt in deep on me. I pray in Jesus Holy Name' Amen ..

prayer for marriage
by: Anonymous

I am in relationship with a boy for last 10 years .he is 42 and I am 38..but when it comes to getting married he delays for silly reasons. I am eager to get married and start my have kids..pls make it happen for me...I pray to god in the name of his son Jesus...pls lord listen to my prayer and make my boyfriend ready for marriage...

by: Anonymous

I have been with my boyfriend for 9months,I love him so much and I pray to God Almighty that we get married now and for Him to strengthen our love forever and Always. I pray that He blesses us with twins a boy and a girl,(healthy,intelligent,deceplined,beautiful and God-fearing kids) I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus!

Thank you God for answering all our prayers may your will be done in our lives in Jesus name AMEN!

Pray for me that my relationship of my bf will.back to normal and will get married as possible
by: Anonymous

Me & my BF leaving together for 6yrs. On this period he offers me to marry for many times and wanted to have a baby but I refuse because I am not ready yet. Last month when he went for vacation to his family he accept of parents decission to engage with other lady. When he come back here I hes wearing already an engagement ring. Its hurt me much, I know its all my faults , I know that I was not being a perfect lover or GF with him. I thought before thatnI dont love him, I dont need him but now I realize that I love him and I need him more than before.
Im suffering from pain now specially that he decide to stop our communication and to distance each other and start a new life.
Please help me to pray to the lord to restore our relationship and marry as soon as possible.

Please Lord forgive all my sins. I promise Lord if he will come to me and marry me I will be a good wife to him. I will take care of him and respect him.

In Jesus name. Amen

prayer for me to get married
by: carla

I have know my fiancé for 10 year an I want to married to him I do believe in god cause I know he will answer my pray lord as I speak I am claiming it and also declaring it I will get married to my husband so we both can live a godly life in jesus name I pray Amen

My bf and I
by: Trina

I have known my bf since last years I love him very much we been togther four months I jus feel a deep connection to him n I want to marry please dont think I'm rushing or not prepare please help me lord u know the reason why I want to get married help us please m deliver us from our Sins please lord I beggin I don't ask for much please help me in Jesus name I pray amen

My bf and I
by: Anonymous

I have known my bf since last years I love him very much we been togther four months I jus feel a deep connection to him n I want to marry please dont think I'm rushing or not prepare please help me lord u know the reason why I want to get married help us please m deliver us from our Sins please lord I beggin I don't ask for much please help me in Jesus name I pray amen

My bf and I
by: Anonymous

I have known my bf since last years I love him very much we been togther four months I jus feel a deep connection to him n I want to marry please dont think I'm rushing or not prepare please help me lord u know the reason why I want to get married help us please m deliver us from our Sins please lord I beggin I don't ask for much please help me in Jesus name I pray amen

by: Anonymous

hey i pray to lord Jesus that my boyfriend will ask me to marry him and live together. i pray we both worship God together in Jesus name Amen. i pray we stick together, guard our relationship in the name of our lord father Jesus amen . pls this is my prayer request, help me pray

Prayer for my boyriend & our relationship
by: Sharonlina

please pray for my relationship to restore with the love in my life, then kok kong has separated himself from me for about 3 weeks, i miss him so much and i want to be his wife soon one day. es we had problems but everyone does. I pray this will pass and he comes back to me, i ask god to put his hand on our situation and reunite our hearts again. We have stop communiction and it hurt that that man who said he loved me turned his back on our relationship, i pray unto heaven that the lord will heal our broken relationship. I pray the lord see favor in us and restore our relationship. God i ask that you touch both of us and whatever is not like you i pray you remove it, i pray that my then kok kong realize im truly the woman for him. Lord whatever it will take for us to make it together i am willing and ready to make that happen. please pray for me as i go through this trail in my life. The man that i love very much and it hurts he wont talk to me.Please Help TKK to be a stronger loyal, honest man. Please allow TKK to see the light so he can become a better man before the Lord's eyes. Allow him to see how much of good person I am.

get married
by: Elsa

Pray I want to get married soon with my boyfriend the way God likes

Prayer for a long distance relationship.
by: Anonymous

My boyfriend and I have basically been together about 4 years. We both want to get married so badly, but it's difficult because he lives in the UK and I here in the USA. I have been there about 4 times, and he here once. We talk each and every night, never miss it. We're trying to work to save money, but something always comes up like doctor bills and I've got some debt with student loans and credit cards. He wants to move here, as he doesn't want to take me away from my family. I love him so much, and pray every night that God help us find a way for us to be together. It's always money that's holding us back. Please pray for us. Thanks.

Help Lord
by: Anonymous

I have been with the man whom i love for last 5 years.I want to marry him asap.My family is very strickt and would never allow me to marry him because of different cast.We both had been struggling for last 1 year to get their approval but nothing worked. Now they are creating many problems for me and for my job. Moreover we both are also facing many problems between us and the relationship has become tough.Now he doesn't feel like getting married to me for various reasons.I am in great pain lord. I still love him from my heart , mind and soul and want him to be back with respect and get married asap.Lord please touch his heart and soul for our marriage.Every passing hour and day is making it diffult for me to manage life.Lord please intervene in our relation and help us get married soon. Lord i put you over everything else . You are my first love and i request your intervention in our lives.

i love my boyfriend very much.i want to marry him asap
by: seema

im seema his name is arun wanchoo i love him very much i want to have a life with him hes very angry with me hes not talking with me i want to marry him as soon as possible pls grant my wishes that i should a happy life with him in all the haapiness of life.thankyou so much.

Prayers requested
by: Melissa

I also have been in a relationship for two years. We live within 2 miles of each other but he works alot, and I may see him an hour or so a week. He keeps telling me he wants to marry me, but has yet to propose. I just lost my dad and feel so unloved right now. I love this man so much I cant make myself go out with anyone else. I am 42 and in financial stress as well.

I pray your prayers are answered, and you start a life together.

Our Lord knows our need. I pray for peace while waiting also.

I certainly understand
by: Junebugg

I too pray that my "honey" soon finds in his heart that marriage is for us. We live in separate states and the helps us not to sin. Long distance relationships as well as those you see frequently are not easy.I hope that your burdens are light and that you find ways to always asure each other of your love. Do your best at expressing your feelings as men do not always see things as we women do.
I pray that God blesses you abundantly.

Praying for you...
by: Anonymous

I'm in the same situation. I've been in a LDR with my BF for two years and I'm waiting for him to propose to me, so we can start our lives together. I'll be praying for you.

In my prayers
by: Anna

Hi I will pray that you get married and you have a wonderful life together.

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