Prayer for my brother

by rebecca

My brother is talking to a woman she is 34 and he is 19 they been talking for a couple of week me and my family did not think anything about it at first but then she started talking to him more like his girlfriend and he started to change he started to shut us out and only want to talk with her my brother has never shut us out he always liked talking with us but the communication between him and my mother now is only shouting matches and she is so scarred that she loose him.


My brother have a big future in front of him every time she do something that hurts him he will get mad then he will make excuses for her and it hurts me to see him hurt at such a young age he should have to go threw this I just want god to protect him from her from himself open his eyes to what is sound him I want my family back I want for no one to hurt us my mom is so scared she is so friten and need gods grace on her right now. Amen oh god here my conserns and my fears be with my family in your hole name Amen.

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Feb 19, 2016
by: Tampa Florida

My prayers are with you and your family
Especially your brother
Please go to church each Sunday invite your Mom
Invite your brother do not push him
To go

Go see the new movie "Risen"
Keep the faith

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