Prayer for my brother's healing

by Sharon

Dearest Jesus, I offer up this my prayer for my brother who has been diagnosed with stage III colon cancer. He is currently undergoing treatment which is making him very sick. I pray that this discomfort and pains that he is currently experiencing will go away. His hands and feet are now discoloured due to the medication and I pray that after his course of treatment he will be cancer free.


I sincerely believe that he will be healed, please comfort him in this stressful time and give him the courage and strength to deal with this illness. I know that it can be overbearing but please help him to increase his faith and believe that he will be healed.

I pray that all the members of our family will continue to stand by him during this period of illness. Miracles happen every day and I know this miracle will also happen for him. I sincerely offer up these prayers, Amen.

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