Prayer for my career examinations

by chandrika

DEAR LORD, MY GOD. my careers exams are coming so soon and they are so tough n difficult. i want to pass those exams by your grace, support, strength. oh lord my almighty i want to pass those as my future lies in it. please god. and i want your support n grace on me so that i can pass my exams with nice marks...................

oh lord! i want you to be beside me at my exams oh lord! so that i can grasp and answer each and everything only by your grace n support i ant you support n grace. please my prayer and answer my prayers..............
oh lord! i want to pass these exams so that my family n my friends will be so happy oh lord! please answer my prayer i want to pass these exams . i want to score well in exams with YOUR grace my lord please please. i trust and believe you will make me to pass my exams with nice marks n score well n my future will be happy my lord! grace upon me have mercy upon me bless me oh lord! in jesus name AMEN.

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