prayer for my children and all people in the world

by rebecca

I am a single parent of two teenagers. I have to work 4 jobs just to make ends meet. I have a deep love for them and a deep love for Jesus. I pray for them every day..I had a renter living with me for a while paying me 300 extra dollars a month but now he is gone. He had been helping me pay a big share into my bills.


I have been paying for my daughters braces with that money ..200 dollars every month. My life is such a struggle my son gets allergy shots every 4 months which costs 250 dollars...

I struggle very hard to pay my son is working now..but refuses to give me any daughter the same..but she doesn't work full time...when I have a day off work I love to spend time with her but she gets so angry at me when I won't pay any money for her waxing..or clothes..she has so much...and sometimes we have big fights.

My kids also get so angry at me when I talk about God or how they should follow the commandments..They watch horrible scarey movies and movies with horrible swearing...I feel like I have lost them...please pray for them that they will be more considerate to me and to all people and pray for all the kids in the world and their parents...

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