Prayer for my daughter

by Mel
(south carolina)

Alyx is a sensitive child filled with stress and anxiety. She worries about everything and takes things people say about her or about black people in general to heart. She became so insecure that this year she became in danger of not passing.


I moved her from public to private school, yet still she struggled to get control of her mind and emotions. When anyone asks her why the year was a bust, she does not know herself, and she becomes frustrated and cries, and bites her nails, and paces, and all kinds of things.

I've rebuked, covered her with the blood, begged, pleaded, prayed intensely and everything along with getting her extra help. She is still floundering. I searched the Internet about praying more for well-being of children and ran upon this site.

Will you help me pray for this child to be confident, focused and not as affected by the words and opinions of those who don't even have any relationship with her. Pray everything you can think of--I am. And I'm at a impasse of uncertainty and fear for her.

Thank you for standing in the gap. God bless you!

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Jun 30, 2015
Thank you for Praying NEW
by: Mel


It looks like your name is slightly cut off, but I think it is Faith. Thank you for your words of wisdom and for caring enough to comment. This is my first time making a request like this, so it helps to know that. someone reads them.

We often go to child, though she does not want to.go a lot. I'll stay with her and work with her on this. Thank you for your advice. God bless.


Jun 30, 2015
Faith NEW
by: Tampa Fl

Good morning Mel
My prayers are with both of you
You are a good parent and you have a good
Daughter please go to church each Sunday
Go with your daughter if you can
Do not push pray that she goes with you
Jesus needs you also

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