Prayer for My Daughter's Home

DEAR Heavenly Father I Come to you with a heavy heart for my daughter ..Lord you know the hardships she faces and I know everything is in your time Lord..But I am asking as her mother that you would intercede in her financial hardships...mostly her home that is almost in default...She has worked hard for many years for the same employer, and she is a single mom with child support coming in a poor manner...she does not ask for any public assistance...very prideful, but lord all she has is their home to give to her children..she struggles for groceries as well as her utilities..hard times for so many lord ...Her choices have not always been the right ones lord but she needs your forgiveness for wrong choices she has made in her life and she needs relief from physical stress caused by this constant money hardship she lives with constantly..PLEASE LORD intercede in the mortgage situation in a positive way and protect her from any fraud and abuses that comes with these mortgage companies..I pray for her Jesus in your precious name...

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