Prayer for my disrespectful son

by Shirley
(New York)

Please pray for my son he's 18yrs old and doesn't wanna do anything with his selfhe doesn't go to school all he wants to do is run the street and hangout with friends and drink alcohol and smoke. I have tried to talk to him but he's very disrespectful towards anything I say.

Thinks I treat him like a child which he still is and that's how he acts. He says he doesn't like me because I always got something to say... Please pray for him to find guidance and respect towards me and his dad...

In gods name.

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Prayer for Shirley's son.
by: Anonymous

Dear Divine Merciful Heart of Jesus and Mother of perpetual Succour, please look upon this 18 yr old boy with mercy. Melt him, mould him and heal him from anything that is not of Thy Kingdom. Bring him out from any hurt feelings, which is causing to behave in this way. Fill him with your Holy Spirit and cover him with your most precious blood. Protect and restore him in the right path dear Lord Jesus. Grant peace in his heart and mind. Forgive him and bless him O Jesus. Have pity on Shirley and heal her relationship with her son and let there be peace in thier family. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus, Love you Jesus and Trust in your mighty healing and blessings. Amen.

Lord I pray to heal my son who is also 18 years and we are going through similar situation. Lord you know every bit of our life and our sons life. Forgive us Lord for all that went wrong in our lives.
Have mercy on us and bless our son and bring peace in our family too. Thank you Jesus, Praise you Jesus. Jesus I trust in you.

For Shirley's Son
by: Rosemary

Dear Lord & Mother Mary, Queen of Angels, please guide Shirley's son on the right path so he remains safe from harm & have him return to his family the respect they deserve. Keep him healthy & happy. Give his family peaceful thoughts. Please do the same for my daughter as well & guide her to the self love she needs so she stops returning to her abusive boyfriend. Amen.

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