Prayer for my eldest child who is a big challenge


To all my brothers and sister in Jesus Christ please pray for my daughter who is in a big distress at this moment of time she is currently in the hospital for evaluation as she threatened to kill herself.


we ask our dear Lord to grant her wisdom and strength to peacefully overcome all her school issues and pass all her subject with no failing grades and be able to attend her graduation this coming month, that she will also overcome the peer pressure and feel the love and care of her dear friend and most our love to her and that she will overcome grieving for losing her Grandmother last April...

I also ask God to forgive for being so weak in front of her and not be able to show my care and love to her in most loving and understanding way... Peace & harmony for my family and home...I love and Trust you my Lord --- Thank you my brothers and sisters for helping pray for my daughter ... Amen God is good...

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