Prayer for my ex boyfriend to return

by Gerri
(New York)

Holy Saint Jude,


Please assist me in praying that my exboyfriend returns to Christ and his church. Please soften his heart and let him see that the only way for our relationship to go forward is to first be married and then share a life together, not live in a faux marriage with the same emotional ties but no chance of survival because its not blessed by Christ.

Thank you.


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prayers going out to you
by: Anonymous

prayers going out for you, I am praying the same- for softening of the heart of the man that I love. Peace be with you <3

Prayer for exboyfriend to get back
by: Anonymous

Never give up praying,
God help him get back to her.I also pray for my relationship too its been a difficult one week since he called it quits and I pray for St.Jude to interceded for us all in the same situation.

return ex
by: Anonymous

ive been praying a month now for my ex boyfriends return it seems the more i pray the more he hates me so im done with praying period my prayers are never heard no matter what the problem is but i do love the lord but i need a break threw sometimes to

to get my love back in my life my girlfreind
by: Anonymous

st jude
iwas in love with a girl for 7 months suddenly she left me i love her very she doesnt talk to me or want to see me plz pray for me st jude so that i cant get her back in my life plz....

Prayer for my ex boyfriend
by: Anonymous

My prayers go out to you, i am praying the same.

God Bless

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