Prayer for my ex to over come his drug addiction

My ex & I where together for 7 yrs. We have two beautiful daughters together. He has always been addicted to drugs during our relationship I tried to get him help. However he always relapsed I realized he needed to want to change I could not make him change. As our children got older I realized that this is not something that I want my children to be raised around so we made the decision to separate.


Which now I see his only getting worse. I have prayed many & many prayers and will continue to do so until he is healed in saying so
Heavenly Father I come to you first of all to thank you for bringing this man into my life for the 7yrs that we did spend. I thank you for my children that you have blessed me with. I ask that you please help him over come his addiction so he can be a better father for his daughters.

So he can be a better man. Please take away any hurt or the reason he feels he needs the drug. In Jesus name we pray. Amen

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