Prayer for my family and helping me overcome my temptations

by Neil

Dear Lord
Thank you for your love and mercy.But I have been struggling with temptations that even If i try I fail to overcome.I have full faith in you my Lord but I doubt my will to change.Please help me as I am married now and have responsibilities. Bless my change in job.Bless me and Serena ,bless our future to have a kid and our decision to immigrate to Australia.
Bless my sisters ,brother-in-laws,their kids .Guide them in times of distress and problems.Help us to always be there for one another.
I also pray for my parents Lord ,bless their mind body and health especially my Dad's speedy recovery after heart surgery.
Forgive me for my sins Lord but I have a dream to make my parents proud as I have always let them down.Please help me fulfill my dreams.Show me your mercy and guide me

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