prayer for my family to be together again

by peach

Dear Lord,

First of all I would like to thank you for slowly hearing my prayer request. I am hearing good news from my husband regarding my family to be together again soon but I still need your guidance Lord because we do not know If it will work out good or my in laws will be much angrier.

Lord, heal them to be a good christian, to know how to forgive and to understand my childrens situation and that power and money wont do any good to them. Guide us , my husband, children and me to be on the right path and to have peace and quite life.

I also pray for my brother that he will open their gates for us in this trying situation because i know that we will be secured in any danger in our own home. I worry Lord for my security since my in laws are very powerful, I do not know want they want to do with me but in Jesus name I know that he shields me with his precious blood in all dangers.

Lord, please continue to hear my prayers specially my requests to have my children and husband back and to guide us always. Thank you Lord Jesus.

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by: Tampa fl

Good morning
I will pray for you and your family this

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