Prayer for my family to Buy a home

by Mary
(Stratford, Ct.)

Dear God,

I am coming to you to ask you for help with a fimancial blessing. We have been renting since we lost our house in 2004. Every place we have rented it has only been for a few years. My husband is out of work, cant find work because of his work related accident(2009).

Our son has not really had a good childhood like having his friends come over the house and have sleepovers that normal kids do. I am afraid he is going to grow up not having that childhood he needs to have.

Please Dear God help my family somehow get the financial blessing so that we can get a house and end this cycle of moving every couple of years. Its not fair to him.

I keep the faith.

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Feb 13, 2017
God will grant your wish
by: Anonymous

May the good Lord hear your prayer and answer your requests. Have faith.

Jul 17, 2014
Keep The Faith In God
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to mention building a foundation and then framing your new home is considerably possible, especially if you join the right church, moreover, the church of LDS the Latter Day Saints church . The Mormon church where the community is very strong in working with others opening their hearts and understanding, no matter what trials and tribulations you're going to you can harvest the strength of Jesus Christ," we strongly believe you own your own home one day and your husband health will be restored. God bless

Oct 30, 2011
I will pray for you!!
by: Anonymous

Dear mary,
I understand, I will pray for you and your family and hope everything turns out good for you all.

Jul 28, 2011
A home for Mary
by: Jane

Mary I am praying for you. God will bless you and your family a home of your own and a job for your husband. Your son is bless for having great parents.

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