Prayer for my family to have the strength to cope with Alzheimer's.

by Jen

Dear St Jude,

Please help my family through this difficult time. We are struggling with a family member who is battling with Alzheimer's. It is a long goodbye and very hard to watch someone we love lose the memories and thoughts that we have shared throughout the years. In addition, it is becoming very hard to manage and find patience with the personality changes that take place...the yelling, the confusion, the forgetting, the constant calls all times of the day, the wondering, the pleading. While we are blessed to still have her with us, it is like watching everything that made this wonderful woman ours die, just leaving us with a shell of the person we once knew. Sometimes I feel her spirit has already moved on to be with God. Please, be near us, help ease the pain & suffering, and bring peace to our lives. We put our lives in God's hands and ask lovingly for your intervention. Amen.

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