Prayer for My Family

LORD, you know all of us as children....I bring all my brothers, sisters, wifes, husband, my spouse, our children, my mother, grandchildren, their boyfriends, girlfriend, spouses onto you. I ask for forgiveness if we are ugly with each other, bring us all closer together, help us to love one another and respect one another, help us to care for each other, help us with challenges like finances, business, impatience, temptations to drink, smoke, drugs, help us to take care of our mother, help us to sort out all our financial problems and obsticles, help us in our carreers, school progress, health , happiness, bring us all closer to each other and especially to you my the ones that are far away from us with possible business plans and break through in our careers, help our spouses to support us in all our doings and respect our parents, in JESUS NAME, AMEN

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