Prayer for my Family

by Anonymous

Dear Lord, I thank you god for my family. I pray that you protect each and everyone of my family members, i pray that you have an angel with them everyday. I pray you protect there health and there well being.


Please god protect my father i know he is not here with me but i beg you god that you bring him home to me healthy and happy its been to long without seeing my dad and he is getting older please god i just pray that you have angels with him until he comes home with me and my family.

Please god protect my mother protect from any harm help her find a job protect her health and well being she is a good person she is a saint that i look up too so i pray that she is always protected. i pray that she is stress free and doesn't have to worry about anything i pray that ill be strong enough for her and i can take care of her.

I pray you protect my sister that's far away from me, please god help her be more kind more caring please i pray that you have angels with her and her three boys shes always alone with the boys in a room so called house deep sown she a beautiful person inside and out and i pray that you bless her with a beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood.

She has been patient all this time from living to an okay house now to a smaller house (room) please god she deserves it i know she does shes amazing. I pray for all my nieces and nephews i pray that you guide them in the right path in life i pray you help them make the right choices in life the right choices in friends and in the future i pray that you protect them wherever they are protect them from any bullies at school and any mean,bad,dangerous people.

i pray that you protect all my brothers and sisters,i pray that they become successful in life and that they have health and happiness. I have so much faith in you god i thank you for waking me and my family up everyday i thank you for always being there god. i believe in you i trust in you i love you thank you so much god...

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