Prayer For my Father's healing

by Mae

Dear Lord,

Please heal my father. I love him so much. He was a good friend, a good brother, a good son, he was a good husband, and a good father. Please heal him, wash him with your precious blood, sanctify him Lord Jesus Christ. I pray for every child who has same situation like me, I pray that they will be stong and that you will hear their hearts desires. Every child needs a Father and I need mine. Lord we are nothing without you, someday we will all rest in heaven with you but Lord God I'm begging you please give my Father long life and heal him. In Jesus name. Amen

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Dec 09, 2014
Healling my father
by: Olayemi

O lord! Please healed my father from stroke sickness?

Nov 15, 2014
Gods blessing father
by: mary anthony

Please lord jesus christ,my heavenly father,I beg before u please god please heal my father's heart diseases and make it as new by your touch..u can do all impossible things of the world
.I am asking you a blessing and forgiveness from u jesus.I trust in you my only lord.please bless my father.

Sep 27, 2014
Heal My Father
by: Child Of God

Dear God , Please heal my Father . Forgive my sins and guide me to walk on your path . Please God give father courage and strength and bless my father and be with us always. Love you God...

Sep 23, 2014
Lord, please heal my dad
by: Anonymous

Lord, I pray to you and I ask you to please help heal my dad from all his chronic pain and suffering. My Heavenly Father I also ask that you guide him and give him strength to overcome his disease of alcoholism and become a sober man. I pray to you Lord because with you nothing is impossible and I believe in you, and of course please look after my mom as we'll. Amen

Sep 23, 2014
papa is ill
by: Anonymous

Dear God,
Im asking for your forgiveness. My papa is ill please help him overcome this illness and I pray to you Lord, That my papa healed. Thank you for you answering my prayer.

In Jesus Name

Sep 19, 2014
Please heal my father giving him long life
by: Anonymous

Pray my dad can recover from major heart problems to any way return home with wife to see grand kids grow while keeping the family whole. Help my family deal with the pain and give strength for us to keep praying and doing all u can each day. I need my dad and best friend I know it's not his time he has way to much to live for having little grand kids that still need to build a bond and age so that they can have memory if him and all he was.

Sep 07, 2014
Prayers for Gary
by: Anonymous

Dear Lord: I pray to you for healing for my father. He has been ill for too long. Please hold him in your arms and give him the strength he needs to overcome this latest obstacle. I love him with all my heart as I do you, Lord Jesus Christ. Please hear my prayer. Amen.

Aug 19, 2014
Please give me my papa back
by: Maggi

Dear God,
I am here to pray you to beg you for the life of my father. Please forgive all our sins. Thank you for giving everything in my life and making it wonderful. But what happend suddenly, so you took my papa with you. Please God i never asked for money fame etc. I always prayed you for keeping my family members happy. Please show some kindness and mercy towards us. we need our papa back in our lives. without him our llives is meaningless. I am sure you must have many more good people along with you. we nned our papa more than you. Please return him back into our lives. change the past. I will not ask you anything else just return him back.keep me without a child in return. I will never ask you for a baby. Just return my papa back as he was with us before. Tommorrow is my birthday and I am sure you will bless & grant me my wish. I have full faith in you...Amen

May 22, 2014
prayers to heal my father's ill health
by: Dawa

Dear Lord,

Please help heal my father from is ill health. May he restore his good health once again fast and steady. May he re-gain his losing eye-sight and may his heart remain as healthy as ever.


May 10, 2014
Heal our Father
by: Noel Rocido

Lord, Please heal my father. I know he is a fighter. Please help him and give him extra strength for tomorrows operation. Please Lord. Amen

Apr 21, 2014
My prayer
by: Yen

Heavenly Father,
I know we are all sinners. Please forgive our sins, Lord. I pray may you heal my papa of his illness. Cure him, Oh Lord. Please give him more years to live. I may seldom say to him that i love him so much and i am thankful that he is my papa. Please Father God, through Your Mighty name Jesus Christ, I pray that my papa will be healed.

Aug 13, 2013
by: Anonymous


My father is a fighter and I ask you show your mercy and grant us the miracle of your healing.

May 24, 2013
Please help my father
by: Charlie

Dear lord, please heal my dad he has been there whenever I needed him, he has been a great father to me and my brother. I love him so dearly, that I bet for you to heal him to have more life on this earth. I pray o lord for you healing hand and your love for your children, amen.

May 13, 2013
my loving father
by: tina

lord please heal my father...he need more strengh.please give him more life in this world.. ilove him so much...hope everything will be okay... i really miss my father.. i need to be with him but i cant..let's pray for my father..

Oct 18, 2012
heal my dearest father
by: jen

LORD please heal my father, please give him more life in this world, im begging you lord jesu christ. i want him to be happy again same before, o lord jesus christ please grant my parayer. thank you o lord. Amen....

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