Prayer for My Financial Breakthrough

Father in Heaven,I humbly come before you for financial blessings.Father,it is from You whom all blessings flow.This is Your Word to your children.

I confess that I have tried living my way and I have failed.
I give full control of my life to You.In all areas of my life I ask for your wisdom,guidance and protection.
I pray this day for complete deliverance from my financial burdens.You know everything about me.You know every mistake I have made.
My faith lies in Thee Father.Not just in my times of need,but at all times.
I thank You this day for the blessings that are already on the way to my doorstep.
I thank You this day for the blessings that will eliminate my financial burdens.
In the precious name of our Lord and Saviour,Christ Jesus...Amen.

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