Prayer for My Grandson's Future


Please Lord, you know at this time my grandson is going thru a difficult period in his life. These are situations that he has caused. I know that he is very sorry however it has been a struggle for him and for us , his family to get thru this.


I ask you Lord, that you be our strength...I ask you that the court have mercy on him. I ask that he open his eyes to see you and know that you are there for him. We have a trial coming up that is not a felony, however there are people who are pushing for one. Having this situation as a felony will ruin his life...he is only 19.

The other trial is a felony that can be dropped down by the prosecuting atty and judge. I ask you Father that you help us in this matter. He is a good young man who made a bad choice. He has never been in trouble. Please Lord, let the courts have mercy on him.

Help us to trust in You and to cease all worry . Help our Attorney to help my grandson. and please let the courts look upon this and give him a chance that there are no felonys .I ask in Jesus name. Amen
I pray for peace of mind also. please

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